Staten Island Tree Trimming and Removal For Optimal Solar Panel Effectiveness

Do you have solar panels on your home? Are you thinking about buying or looking to buy solar panels? As you may know already, solar panels work by gathering the sun’s natural rays to create electricity. In order for your panels to do this adequately, there cannot be any surrounding fixtures or trees in the way. G&R Tree Service can help you get the full benefit out of your solar panels by trimming the surrounding trees around your home. As a company with over many years of experience around Staten Island, we know just what to do to keep your trees healthy and home looking beautiful as well as maximizing the potential of your home and solar panels.

According to Solar Power Authority, solar power is one of the cleanest, most sustainable, and most renewable resources in the world. As a home with solar panels, we know that you care about the trees and environment around you. However, what you may not have realized is that your trees could get in the way of harnessing valuable energy. Don’t let your home’s trees get in the way of soaking up that sun. Allow us to help keep your trees trimmed just right. G&R Tree Service will do everything we can to trim your trees to perfection and avoid removal. However, if removal is necessary we can handle this as well. G&R Tree Service has experience with homes and trees of all shapes and sizes.

Solar power is an exciting, eco-friendly, and ever-expanding industry. G&R Tree Service can help you with the small challenges that your solar panel brings. We strive to help you to get the most out of your great investment.


About G&R Tree Service

G&R Tree Service is a Staten Island Tree Service available for tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, and all-around tree care. We provide exterior home and tree services 24 hours and 7 days a week.

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Staten Island Trees as Diverse as Staten Islanders

What kind of Trees Live on Staten Island?

Around a quarter of Staten Island trees are Callery Pear Trees, according to an article on CityLab by John Metcalfe in April of 2015. This article references a blog written several days prior by Jill Hubley, who successfully used 2005 Tree Census data to set up beautiful maps to illustrate the diversity and volume of trees in the five boroughs of New York City.

Jill states: “Tree selection varies per site based on site condition, overhead clearance, and tree bed width. The Parks Department uses their criteria to define the habitat for each planting area, which in turn determines the range of species that can be planted.” With this knowledge in mind, we can see how careful the selection is of each tree in its particular spot. Beyond a beautiful sight, it is amazing to find out what effort goes into keeping our city so beautiful and flourishing.

Trees are an integral part of any environment. As the seasons change, we need to care for our trees like we would our children. Much like hibernation in animals, trees become dormant in the fall to winter to conserve energy. Arborists and experts agree that it is a good idea to prune trees during this dormant season. Dormant pruning impacts the landscape far less during the winter months. When trees are dormant, tree removal personnel have a better view of potential diseases and can better determine what needs to be removed.

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What are Dormant Seasons & Dormant Pruning?

Staten Island Tree Pruning

Staten Island Tree Pruning From G&R Tree Service

With fall and winter on the way, G&R, your Staten Island Tree Pruning, Care, and Removal service would like to inform you of the many benefits of pruning during the dormant season of your trees, bushes, and shrubs.

First of all, what is a dormant season?

The dormant season of a tree is a period in its life cycle where growth and development are ceased temporarily. This happens in order to minimize metabolic activity, helping the tree to conserve energy. This keeps the plant alive during the harsh winter season. Much like hibernation in animals, trees go dormant to conserve energy.

Though it may not seem to be the case, even evergreen trees such as pines, spruce, and cedars all go dormant. While these varieties don’t lose their leaves, they do develop a waxy coating to help prevent moisture loss, while fluids inside the cells help keep the trees resistant to freezing.

Arborists & experts suggest that you have your trees pruned during this dormant season.

What are the benefits of dormant pruning?

  • Dormant pruning impacts the landscape far less during the winter months. The process is less intrusive to the tree or shrub.
  • When trees are dormant, your tree removal expert has a better view of potential diseases, and can better determine what needs to be removed. This is because he or she can see ‘the dormant bud.’
  • There are actually certain trees that cannot be pruned outside of the dormant season for disease management reasons.
  • By pruning during the dormant season, an arborist is generally able to see the tree without foliage. Without leaves in the way, experts are able to view the tree without additional weight, showing a clearer picture of how the tree will handle storms with high winds.
  • You might not think about it, but when trees are pruned, there are wounds that need to heal. Springtime is the best time to heal, making winter the best time to prune.

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Why To Trim Your Trees In Early Spring

Staten Island Tree Pruning Tips From G&R

Trimming your trees is one of many ways that arborists keep them healthy long-term. It also sets trees up for robust growth through the season.

We recommend getting your tree trimming out of the way in the early spring. Not only is it practical to trim before spring blooms emerge, but it’s also less expensive. Because it’s easier for arborists to access branches that need to be cut. Having a bare tree canopy makes branches easier to both see and to handle.

Precision Pruning

Because tree limbs are bare in the early spring, arborists are able to determine which limbs are going to bud and which diseased or dying. Removing diseased or dying limbs will save you money in the long term.

Cost Efficiency

For the same reason, when tree limbs are exposed and easily accessed, we’re able to charge less for our services. It’s easier on us, so it’s easier on your wallet.

Storm Readiness

By checking the branches without the weight of the foliage, experts can determine which limbs are suited to handle the winds and rains associated with summer storms. It’s better to take care of this early than end up with a tree branch through the windshield of your new car.

Improved Healing

The springtime is the best time of the year for your trees to heal, so it’s best to do your pruning ahead of the season so mother nature can do it’s work during Spring.


If you’ve got shrubs that need trimming, we covered that in our last blog. Read about why Spring is also the best time to trim your shrubs, here.

If you’re in need of Pruning Services on Staten Island, Tree Cutting on Staten Island, or any Tree Services on Staten Island, please give us a call: 718-815-7897. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we serve all of Staten Island.

Winter Tree Precautions


Winter is approaching fast Staten Island, and you know what that means, those snowy, icy storms are on their way. Which means it’s time to protect your home and community from fallen trees.

Snow Snow Go Away

Storms are dangerous, but become more dangerous when an old or damaged tree is involved and extremely dangerous when snow and ice are factored in the mix. When trees have become brittle and weak they are more likely to crash down. This would be okay if we lived in the woods where no people, houses, pets, cars or electrical wires are involved. Here in Staten Island we need to be aware of the dangerous harm that trees can do to our community this winter.
With heavy winds, trees can be knocked over, weak branches can break off, causing harm to houses, cars, electrical wires and people! In the winter weather, you need to be aware of snow landing on branches and ice hanging from them, which both add a heavy weight that can eventually cause them to snap. Throughout the winter season the chance of trees crashing down or branches snapping off increases.

What To Look For

No one wants a power outage, to lose heat in the middle of a cold advisory or look out the window and see their precious BMW stuck under the bark of an Oak tree. These hazardous situations can be avoided if we are aware what to look for and actively look out for dangerous trees in our neighborhoods. Be aware of the old weak trees especially pines and oak, which tend to cause the most harm in winter weather. Look out for hanging branches, fungus bearing bark, and trees that you have seen move in the wind. If you have any of these types of trees in your backyard, you should have them inspected and get those hanging branches cut to provide safety for all before the winter storms arrive.
Contact us G&R Tree Service to allow us to help you keep Staten Island safe.

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The Importance Of Winterizing Your Trees And Shrubs

Staten Island Tree Winterization

So you’ve spent time building up and maintaining your garden all year. You have lines of shrubs in pots along your property and you have beautiful fruit trees living in your backyard. Obviously, you want to keep your green life going strong and that is why it’s very important to winterize your trees and shrubbery. Below, is a list of reasons why it is essential that you make the proper winter preparations for both your plants and your trees.

Leaving Potted Shrubs Outside More Than Likely Means You’ll Have To Get New Shrubs Next Season

But what if you don’t want to go out and get brand new shrubs? You’ve spent so much time working on and caring for these, you aren’t ready for them to die off just yet. As the seasons change over from summer to fall to winter, the temperature is going to drop and unlike plants or shrubs that live in the ground, ones that are potted have such little soil surrounding the roots that they won’t be insulated enough and will more than likely freeze to death.

You can combat this by simply bringing your potted plants or shrubs inside your house to care for while the outside terrain begins to freeze.

If You Don’t Protect Your Trees Before Winter Starts, They Might Not Be There When It Ends

Bringing your shrubs inside is all well and easy but the solution isn’t that simple for trees. You can’t bring your trees inside, and why would you want to? As the temperature takes a steep decline, the winds become more and more harsh. The freezing temperature combined with the harsh winds can cause the bark of a tree to split and leave it exposed to various pests and decaying diseases.

You could bring down the risk of losing your trees by wrapping the trunk with vinyl or paper tree wrap. Wrapping the trunk will also protect your trees from any animals that might be scavenging for food during the winter.

Tying Up Your Tree Branches Can Prevent Breakages

Wrapping up the trunk of your tree is a great way to ensure that your tree stays alive during the winter but what about the thinner or smaller branches of your tree? You don’t want the snow to thaw only to find a graveyard of broken tree branches waiting for you. Harsh winter winds can cause naked branches to whip and jump around, which can cause breakage.

Wait for the leaves to fall off of your tree then take some rope, string, or twine and loosely tie those branches together.

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What To Look For In A Staten Island Tree Removal Specialist

Staten Island Tree Trimming | G & R Tree Service

What You Should Be Looking For In A Staten Island Tree Removal Company

Is it your first time looking for a tree removal expert? Would you just like a little more information? Below, is an outline of exactly what you should be looking for when hiring a Staten Island Tree Removal company:

Make Sure You’re Hiring an Arborist

If you’re hiring a doctor, you want to make sure to find someone who specializes in the area of expertise at hand. The same goes for finding a company to care for your Trees and Shrubs. In our field, that would be an “arborist.” An arborist is a professional that possesses the expertise and technical competence that gives them the ability to care for trees, shrubs, and other similar plants efficiently. These experts are called upon when it’s necessary to evaluate the condition of vegetation, and then provide service in the best interest of the plants. If you’re in the NYC area, G&R Tree Service employs arborists who are experts in Staten Island Tree Removal and Tree Cutting. You can reach us at 718-815-7897

Is The Owner Present at Every Job?

Many companies send out employees who don’t have the experience and expertise as the owner of their company. At G&R Tree service, we believe that the owner of your Staten Island Tree Removal company needs to be at every job. This way, if an opinion is needed, a situation needs to be resolved on the spot, or a consultation needs to be done, home and business owners have their years of experience at hand in a moment’s notice. G&R is proud to let you know that our owner is present at every job. If you’d like to speak to him, please call 718-815-7897

Is Your Staten Island Tree Service Fast and Reliable?

When there’s an emergency, after a large storm for example, damage can be caused to limbs or entire trees where the tree needs to be removed completely. It’s imperative in many cases that this happens as soon as possible. You need a Tree Removal Company that can provide the correct equipment, arrive promptly, and do the job correctly the first time to avoid further damage. Tree removal and cutting is dangerous work, and customers should look for a company they can trust. Have more questions? Give us a call: 718-815-7897

Are They From Staten Island?

In order to provide the best service, a professional should be familiar with the area that they’re serving. This allows them to arrive quickly, because they understand the best route to all jobs. Being from a specific area also gives an arborist an intimate knowledge of the plant life in that area. G&R Tree Removal is owned and operated by Staten Islanders, so our we specialize in Tree Removal on Staten Island.

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