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How To Tell If Your Tree Is Dead

Staten Island Dead Tree Removal – How To Determine If A Tree Is Dead or Dying

With Spring just around the corner, you’ll start to see those dead looking trees fill back up with life and bloom again. But what if you don’t? Could your tree be dead? Could it finally be time to have it removed? Here are a few tips that you can use to determine if your tree is dead or dying.

– No Leaves. One of the more immediate giveaways that your tree isn’t healthy is that the leaves are not sprouting when they should or not sprouting at all. This is a sign that your tree is not in good condition and might need to be removed.

– Check the branches. Another great way to tell if your tree is dying is to check the branches. Are they extra brittle and dry? Are dead leaves sticking to them instead of naturally falling? These are all signs that you probably have a dead tree on your hands.

– The scratch test. In every tree, there is a layer of bark just under the surface that should be green. This is a clear signal of a healthy tree, full of life. If that layer just under the bark is brown and brittle, unfortunately, it’s already too late to save your tree.

– Damage to the trunk. There are two key things to look for on the trunk when determining if your tree is dead or not. The first is any deep cuts or markings that could be a sign of trunk damage by an outside force. The other sign is to look for any spots where bark has been removed and has not grown back in, has grown back incorrectly, or areas where large amounts of fungus are growing (showing signs of internal rot).

By using these tips, you will have a good idea of what to look for when determining if it’s time to call G & R Tree Service and have them come by for quick and easy Staten Island tree removal.

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