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Professional Tree Care and Maintenance Services by GR Tree Service in NYC & NJ

At GR Tree Service, our skilled tree care specialists in NYC aim to preserve and nurture as many trees as possible, rather than resorting to tree removal as the first course of action. With our expertise in tree pruning and maintenance, we help your trees thrive, thereby enhancing the beauty of your property and ensuring safety. Of course, not all ailing trees can be restored, but with our years of experience, we’ve developed the skills to often avoid full removal.

Limb Pruning

Maintain the health and structure of your trees with our professional limb pruning services in NYC. By removing damaged or diseased branches, we help prevent further decay and promote the overall wellbeing of your trees.

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Deadwood Removal

Deadwood can be a safety hazard and detract from your tree’s appearance. Our deadwood removal services in NYC not only improve the aesthetics but also boost the health and longevity of your trees.

Tree Trimming

Our NYC tree trimming services ensure your trees are in optimal health and shape. Regular tree trimming can prevent diseases, improve sunlight penetration and increase the curb appeal of your property.

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Shaping and Thinning

Enhance the aesthetics of your trees with our shaping and thinning services in NYC. We help control tree size and shape, ensuring they grow healthily and complement the overall landscape design of your property.

Canopy Elevating

Increase sunlight penetration and create safe, clear pathways with our canopy elevating services in NYC. Our tree experts strategically prune lower branches, optimizing the appearance and safety of your trees.

Decorative Bush Shaping

Add a touch of elegance to your NYC property with our decorative bush shaping services. Our experts can create beautiful shapes, transforming your bushes into attractive elements of your landscape design.

For our customers’ convenience, we offer free estimates on all our work, along with senior and military discounts every day. Contact GR Tree Service today, and let our NYC tree experts handle your tree care needs with professionalism and care.

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GR Tree Service provides customers in Staten Island, NY with tree removal and care and a variety of property maintenance services. With over 10 years of experience, we’ve established ourselves as one of the most reliable tree services in the region, executing our work with great attention to detail and a lowest price guarantee. Not only that, but the owner – Glen Gabel – is present at every work site to ensure that your job is performed to the highest standard of quality.

G&R Tree Service can provide all of our services in Brooklyn and New Jersey upon request.

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