Tree Care


Staten Island Tree Care

At GR Tree Service, we don’t consider simply coming in and taking a tree down as our first course of action. Our goal to save as many trees as possible. Proper pruning and maintenance can help to keep your trees healthy, ensuring that they grow properly and don’t endanger your family or property. Of course, in some cases it just isn’t possible to turn an ailing tree around; but thanks to our years of experience, we have the skills required to more often than not avoid a full removal.

Our Tree CareServices Include:

  • Limb pruning
  • Deadwood removal
  • Tree trimming
  • Shaping and thinning
  • Canopy elevating
  • Decorative bush shaping

For our customers’ convenience, we offer free estimates on all of our work; as well as senior and military discounts, every day!

Contact GR Tree Service today at 718-815-7897 to schedule your service visit, or browse our website for more information regarding tree removal or other services.