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How Did Trees Become Associated With Christmas?

The history of Christmas Trees dates back thousands of years to the Evergreen Fir Tree. Pagans used the branches of the evergreen fir tree as decorations during the Winter Solstice to remind them of the Springtime still ahead.

The Evergreen Fir’s Christmas roots lay in Northern Europe, where they were traditionally hung near the ceiling by chains. In places like Latvia, for Christmas, they would light the entire tree and dance around it. This is where the idea behind the Yule Log was born.

In Germany, circa 1520, the traditional Christmas Fir tree would be paraded around town with a figurehead dressed like the traditional St. Nicholas bishop.

Of course, these older traditions informed more modern ones that we still carry on today. Instead of hanging a tree from the ceiling, chandelier style, we add lights and ornaments to it. Instead of making a show of the tree by parading it around, we take part in more broad and communal Christmas and Holiday parades. Also, instead of burning the tree, we use dedicated logs and a fireplace for our burning of the Christmas Yule Log.

Of course, G&R doesn’t remove Christmas Trees, but we can remove that old beast that’s hanging over your pool or could potentially damage your home or vehicle.

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