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Staten Island Spring Tree Maintenance Tips

Springtime is when the trees are budding and blossoms appear. Spring is also a great time to start pruning off any frost damage to your neighborhood trees and other plans, which may have suffered from a harsh winter. Prepare your yard for summer and landscaping by removing deadwood and removing the unwanted parts of your existing landscaping. This will help prevent any damage to new trees and shrubs and help the existing plants grow and flourish better.

What can I do to assure my trees are healthy after the winter?

Start checking your trees for damage that may have occurred throughout the winter. Any sign of damage or advanced drying should be pruned and corrected as soon as it is caught. Another thing to consider before the spring: many insects and diseases become active during the early spring months. You should check your trees and bushes regularly for any sign of activity. Consult a professionally trained arborist to inspect your surrounding trees and foliage to ensure pests do not thrive and become a problem.

Critical Risk Trees and Shrubs
Have your arborist ensure there are no severely damaged trees in your area. Overly damaged trees can become a hazard and should be dealt with adequately.

Tips to care for trees

If spring weather becomes dry, make sure to deeply water trees and shrubs as necessary. Water is the most important part of keeping leaf and shoot development happening. Follow herbicide directions very carefully, some herbicides for dandelions can hurt trees if they are not applied properly to the area in which the dandelions are growing. Remember to fertilize your trees and shrubs annually, your landscaper or arborist can help with this process as well.

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