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Staten Island Tree Cutting by G&R Tree Service

What is Tree Cutting? Do you offer Tree Cutting on Staten Island?

Put simply, Tree Cutting is the same thing as Tree Removal. Some people also refer to it as “Felling a Tree.” Regardless of what you call it, G&R Tree Service offers Tree Cutting on Staten Island, because removing trees is best left to professionals with experience, the proper equipment, and knowledge of the proper safety precautions.

The proper gear for Tree Cutting includes protective Gear that can prevent potential injuries on the job. Some examples of this gear include kevlar leg coverings, hard-hats, steel-toe boots, eye protection in the form of googles, and special gloves made for working with materials like trees. It also includes equipment like Chainsaws, axes, ladders, rope, and wedges. These are all necessary for actually felling the tree.

What should be considered before Tree Cutting?

Our experts make sure to ask a number of questions and take a variety of factors into consideration before removing a tree on Staten Island. For example, it’s important to note which direction the tree is leaning in. It’s also of note to see whether or not there are dead branches, broken branches, or possibly both. Speaking of branches, it’s important to see if there are other trees around whose branches would be affected by taking down this tree. Finally, is there enough room for the tree we’re removing to be safely put down on the ground.

Staten Island Tree Cutting Expertise

G&R specializes in tree removal, tree care, and tree cutting on Staten Island. With over 20 years of experience working on the island, our owner Glen and his team understand the specific species of trees that grow on Staten Island. If you’re looking for Staten Island Tree Cutting, give us a call for a free estimate to remove, prune, or care for the trees on your property.

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What To Do After A Tree Is Removed

Often times people like to think about the process of getting rid of or cutting down a tree as an absolute. But there can be a few situations left behind to think about and take care of after av tree has been removed. Here’s what you should do if you have a tree removed on Staten Island.

First and foremost, there is the matter of leaving behind a tree stump. Some home owners don’t mind having a tree stump left over and actually attempt to plant smaller trees and plants around it in an effort to re-purpose that area. But what you can’t forget is that the stump is now dead and will slowly start to decompose. This will lead to unsightly fungi and plants sprouting from it. But even beyond that, it opens the door for bugs like ants and termites to take root and nest, causing more serious long term problems on your property.

The best course of action after a tree has been removed is to hire someone to grind the stump down flat. This will leave the surface area essentially filled with sawdust and the spot no longer ideal for regrowing another tree. G&R Tree Service specializes in stump removal and land clearing on Staten Island. But if you have regrowth on your mind, all is not lost. It’s just a matter of being smart.

If you are looking to regrow a tree in the same area as the previous one, make sure to keep your expectations in check. There is often no way to fully get rid of existing roots from most larger trees. That, combined with the levels of sawdust in the ground now, will simply not be conductive to heavy growth. But, with the addition of new soil and a few smaller trees or plants, you could do a fine job of re-purposing and covering up that original spot.

But no matter what you choose to do, you should consult with the Staten Island tree removal and tree care experts at G & R Tree Service today by giving us a call at 718-815-7897

Saftey Precautions G&R Takes When We Remove A Large Tree

When looking to safely cut down a big tree on your Staten Island property, there are a few factors that G&R Tree Service keeps in mind to allow for a safe and hassle free experience.

Safety First

First and foremost, we want to be prepared by wearing the right safety equipment. The right gear is absolutely essential in being prepared to take down a tree of any size. Workers need a logging helmet to protect their head, face screens and earmuffs to protect our eyes and ears, and kevlar chaps to protect against the dire situation of a chainsaw falling on and clipping a leg.

Make Note Of Distance.

Once we’ve are well protected, it is time to estimate the felling zone by grabbing the ax handle at arm’s length, backing away from the tree until the top of the ax is even with the top of the tree. Walk back a few steps further to provide some extra room and then mark how far away the felling zone should be.

Clear Away A Cutting Zone.

Make sure to clear away any brush along the two sides of the tree against the felling zone. That way we have multiple easy escape routes for when the tree falls, including having planned for it to possible fall in the wrong direction.

Have A Lookout.

Always make sure, when working on any tree, we make sure to bring a lookout with us to keep an eye out for falling branches and tree tippage. By doing this, you’re allowing the worker to get a tap on the shoulder when branches or the tree start to fall, then turn off their chainsaw and immediately walk away.

Take Care Of Smaller Branches First.

Once your tree has fallen, we make sure to take care of cutting off smaller branches first, so that it is much easier to tackle cutting the base of the tree later on. When we start cutting, we focus on branches at the lower end of the trunk so that we can rest the bottom of the saw on the trunk and slice branches with a pivoting motion.

These are just some of the safety precautions we take. Have a big tree in your yard? Want it removed? Then call the experts at G & R Tree Service today!

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Three Trees To Think Twice About Planting

Everyone loves a good tall tree in their yard. Whether for shade or bearing fruit, a nice tree can add so much to a person’s property. But in many cases, the wrong trees can actually take away from other areas of your yard. Here are three trees that you might want to think twice about planting.

Bradford Pear Tree. Bradford Pear Trees look beautiful. Picturesque in the springtime, even. But they have a few fatal deal-breakers for many. The first being the smell. To put it bluntly, these are those trees you’ve heard of that smell like fish. Even if that weren’t the case, their slight leaves go blowing away in windstorms and they leave distinct, thorny seedlings all over the place.

Silver Maple Tree. The mighty Silver Maple Tree has a lot of majesty to it. But that doesn’t much matter when the thick, unruly roots start to tear apart your yard, break through water lines & sidewalks, and start uprooting in bad weather. With so much unpredictability regarding the roots, a Silver Maple Tree has a great chance of not just being your problem, but one that is sure to upset all of the neighbors as well.

Chinese Flame Trees. Beautiful as they are, the Chinese Flame Tree illustrates a great concern that too many people simply don’t think about: seeds. The Chinese Flame Tree has especially light seeds that will blow all over your yard. While other seeds from different trees might honestly be harder to naturally take root and grow, the Chinese Flame Tree has no problem in this area. Left unchecked, these trees will begin to sprout in undesirable areas of your yard. SERIOUSLY left unchecked and your entire yard will become taken over by them, as if it were some kind of Horror film.

Have one of these trees already in your yard? Want it removed? Then call the experts at G & R Tree Service today!

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Photo: T.Voekler | Wikicommons

How To Tell If Your Tree Is Dead

Staten Island Dead Tree Removal – How To Determine If A Tree Is Dead or Dying

With Spring just around the corner, you’ll start to see those dead looking trees fill back up with life and bloom again. But what if you don’t? Could your tree be dead? Could it finally be time to have it removed? Here are a few tips that you can use to determine if your tree is dead or dying.

– No Leaves. One of the more immediate giveaways that your tree isn’t healthy is that the leaves are not sprouting when they should or not sprouting at all. This is a sign that your tree is not in good condition and might need to be removed.

– Check the branches. Another great way to tell if your tree is dying is to check the branches. Are they extra brittle and dry? Are dead leaves sticking to them instead of naturally falling? These are all signs that you probably have a dead tree on your hands.

– The scratch test. In every tree, there is a layer of bark just under the surface that should be green. This is a clear signal of a healthy tree, full of life. If that layer just under the bark is brown and brittle, unfortunately, it’s already too late to save your tree.

– Damage to the trunk. There are two key things to look for on the trunk when determining if your tree is dead or not. The first is any deep cuts or markings that could be a sign of trunk damage by an outside force. The other sign is to look for any spots where bark has been removed and has not grown back in, has grown back incorrectly, or areas where large amounts of fungus are growing (showing signs of internal rot).

By using these tips, you will have a good idea of what to look for when determining if it’s time to call G & R Tree Service and have them come by for quick and easy Staten Island tree removal.

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Safe Staten Island Tree Removal From G&R Tree Service

A Man in a Bucket Truck Trimming Trees

How G&R Performs Staten Island Tree Removal Safely and Efficiently

There are many benefits to having trees on your property. Those benefits range from carbon dioxide absorption to increased property value. As beautiful and useful as trees can be, there are certain situations where a Staten Island homeowner will have no other choice but to have a tree cut down. In those circumstances, it’s very important to make sure that Tree Removal is done safely. That’s where G&R Tree Service comes in!

G&R Tree Service is a Staten Island Tree Removal company, who focuses on safety when removing trees. Our expert Tree Service professionals, make sure the dangerous work of cutting down a tree is done with care and focus. Homeowners without the proper experience, equipment, and know-how should never attempt to remove a tree of any size on their own.

Here are some important steps G&R always takes when removing a tree:

Inspection of Trees Before Removal

It’s important to inspect all trees before removing them, cutting them, trimming them, etc. Close inspections will show an expert arborist the actual condition of the tree. Making a rushed decision to remove a tree without examination can lead to removing trees unnecessarily, removing too much of a tree, or leaving weak or damaged parts of a tree unnoticed which creates dangerous conditions during removal.

Using the Correct Equipment For The Job

G&R makes sure to have the proper equipment on hand for each and every job. When using this equipment, our experts use that machinery as intended, insuring the safety of our staff and your property. Chainsaws are nothing to fool around with. Our owner, Glen, is on every job insuring that your Staten Island Tree Removal is done in the most professional manner.

Using Proper Tree Removal Techniques

Removing trees can be difficult. There are specific techniques that should be used to avoid danger and serious damage to property. All of our Staten Island Tree Removal experts are trained in the best practices, and use of equipment to insure each job is done correctly.


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How Did Trees Become Associated With Christmas?

Beautiful Christmas Tree

The history of Christmas Trees dates back thousands of years to the Evergreen Fir Tree. Pagans used the branches of the evergreen fir tree as decorations during the Winter Solstice to remind them of the Springtime still ahead.

The Evergreen Fir’s Christmas roots lay in Northern Europe, where they were traditionally hung near the ceiling by chains. In places like Latvia, for Christmas, they would light the entire tree and dance around it. This is where the idea behind the Yule Log was born.

In Germany, circa 1520, the traditional Christmas Fir tree would be paraded around town with a figurehead dressed like the traditional St. Nicholas bishop.

Of course, these older traditions informed more modern ones that we still carry on today. Instead of hanging a tree from the ceiling, chandelier style, we add lights and ornaments to it. Instead of making a show of the tree by parading it around, we take part in more broad and communal Christmas and Holiday parades. Also, instead of burning the tree, we use dedicated logs and a fireplace for our burning of the Christmas Yule Log.

Of course, G&R doesn’t remove Christmas Trees, but we can remove that old beast that’s hanging over your pool or could potentially damage your home or vehicle.

G&R also offers firewood, snow removal, and land clearing services on Staten Island. We do it all. G&R Tree Service has the experience and skill to help you clear your land, care for your trees, and provide you with firewood for the Yule Log.

So give us a call today and let us give you a free estimate. 718-815-7897

Tree Service For Homeowner’s Associations and Condominiums


Tree Service For Homeowner’s Associations and Condominiums

G&R offers expert tree care, tree removal, and tree maintenance to Homeowner’s Associations and Condominium Managers. We specialize in keeping owners and renters happy by keeping shrubs, trees, and bushes trimmed and looking beautiful. With G&R’s Staten Island Tree Care services, homeowner’s Associations and Condominium Managers have a resource to spot potentially dangerous branches so there’s less potential for damage after storms. Having G&R under contract also gives you 24/7 emergency service should any unforeseen problems arise.

Why G&R?

If you’re a member of a homeowner’s association or if you manage a condominium, contact us to find out how G&R can keep your trees, homeowners, and renters happy. With over 10 years of experience, G&R Tree Service has managed to establish ourselves as one of the most reliable tree services on Staten Island. We make sure to execute work on all of our projects with great attention to detail and our famous lowest price guarantee. Importantly, our owner – Glen Gabel – is present on every project to ensure your home and property are cared for through the entire process.

We can work with trees of any size on property of any size, so no job is too big or small for G&R. We make sure to get the job done right the first time. Our attention to detail and work ethic are the reason we get reviews like this one:

“I have used this company more than once , and am very satisfied with their service. I called many tree services and the prices were either too high or not responsive . Spoke with Glen, he responded right away, came by to give a quote and next day came with the crew and removed the trees. The guys worked fast, trees were removed efficiently and everything was cleaned up. Very professional, highly Recommend.”


Contact G&R Tree Service today at 718-815-7897 to schedule your service appointment.

How Trimming Your Trees Before Winter Can Prevent Expensive Damage

Staten Island Tree Winterization

Living on Staten Island, you’ve probably seen the damage that falling tree limbs can cause to homes, vehicles, and other property. G&R Tree service can help you prevent that kind of damage. Winter storms put weight on weak or dead trees that cause branches to break off or entire trees to fall over, pulling up their entire root structure. Savvy homeowners know that it’s wise to address potential problem trees before winter. By having a professional tree care expert identify potentially hazardous situations before the dangerous storms of the winter, you won’t have to worry about your trees causing damage to your property or the property of others.

Our G&R Tree Service professionals will come to your property and asses any trees that might cause damage during winter storms. We pay close attention to check trees that hang over homes and driveways since those are the areas where the most damage can be caused. Once we’ve done our assessment we discuss what we find with the property owner. We can trim branches, remove entire trees if they’re dead or are might be dangerous.

Don’t forget, the time after the tree’s leaves have fallen is the best time to prune trees. Our Staten Island Tree Experts are able to check each limb and determine if they’re capable of handling heavy snow or ice while also removing all branches that are already dead, diseased or damaged. Trimming trees ahead of storms is the best way to prevent damage.

With over 10 years of experience, G&R Tree Service has managed to establish ourselves as one of the most reliable tree services on Staten Island. We make sure to execute work on all of our projects with great attention to detail and our famous lowest price guarantee. Importantly, our owner – Glen Gabel – is present on every project to ensure your home and property are cared for through the entire process.

Contact G&R Tree Service today at 718-815-7897 to schedule your service appointment.

When And Why You Should Be Pruning Your Trees and Shrubs


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About G&R

G&R Tree Service is a Staten Island tree removal, tree trimming, & all-around tree service company. We provide customers in Staten Island, NY with tree removal and care, as well as a a variety of property maintenance services. With over 10 years of experience, we’ve managed to establish ourselves as one of the most reliable tree services in the region, executing our work with great attention to detail and a lowest price guarantee.

Not only that, but the owner – Glen Gabel – is present at every work site to ensure that your job is performed to the highest standard of quality.

Our services include:

  • Tree Removal – we have the capability to remove trees of all shapes and sizes.
  • Tree Care – we specialize in providing care for your trees and shrubs.
  • Other Services – firewood, snow removal, land clearing… we do it all.
  • For our customers’ convenience, we offer free estimates on all of our work; as well as senior and military discounts, every day!


Why You Should Be Pruning Your Trees and Shrubs Before Spring

The Spring season is creeping up on us and it’s coming fast. Winter is on its way out and the time has come for all of your trees and shrubs to be pruned. Pruning your plants is by far the most important thing to do when it comes to their health and longevity. Not only does pruning directly affect the lifespan of your trees and shrubs but it’s also beneficial to its overall look and presentation. Your presentation of plants, shrubs, and trees could make or break the value of your house.

It’s important to remove dead, diseased, or damaged branches straight away. As soon as the weather temperature starts to work its way up, just before the buds on trees open up, you should be pruning your plants. If you don’t prune, you’re leaving dead stems, which draws insects and open the door for diseases to develop. Harsh Winter conditions might not be enough to completely wipe out your plants and trees but a disease will see you starting over from the beginning.

Pruning is different for each and every tree and shrub and it becomes increasingly difficult with each plant that you own. For example, if you’re pruning Perennials, you’ll need to cut them back to around 4 inches so new steams and flowers could develop. If you have Evergreen Shrubs, however, you have to hedge, shape, and thin to reduce size. There are so many different kinds of plants and trees and more than a few different ways they need to be pruned.

If you’re in need of Pruning Services on Staten Island, Tree Cutting on Staten Island, or any Tree Services on Staten Island, please give us a call: 718-815-7897. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we serve all of Staten Island.