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Saftey Precautions G&R Takes When We Remove A Large Tree

When looking to safely cut down a big tree on your Staten Island property, there are a few factors that G&R Tree Service keeps in mind to allow for a safe and hassle free experience.

Safety First

First and foremost, we want to be prepared by wearing the right safety equipment. The right gear is absolutely essential in being prepared to take down a tree of any size. Workers need a logging helmet to protect their head, face screens and earmuffs to protect our eyes and ears, and kevlar chaps to protect against the dire situation of a chainsaw falling on and clipping a leg.

Make Note Of Distance.

Once we’ve are well protected, it is time to estimate the felling zone by grabbing the ax handle at arm’s length, backing away from the tree until the top of the ax is even with the top of the tree. Walk back a few steps further to provide some extra room and then mark how far away the felling zone should be.

Clear Away A Cutting Zone.

Make sure to clear away any brush along the two sides of the tree against the felling zone. That way we have multiple easy escape routes for when the tree falls, including having planned for it to possible fall in the wrong direction.

Have A Lookout.

Always make sure, when working on any tree, we make sure to bring a lookout with us to keep an eye out for falling branches and tree tippage. By doing this, you’re allowing the worker to get a tap on the shoulder when branches or the tree start to fall, then turn off their chainsaw and immediately walk away.

Take Care Of Smaller Branches First.

Once your tree has fallen, we make sure to take care of cutting off smaller branches first, so that it is much easier to tackle cutting the base of the tree later on. When we start cutting, we focus on branches at the lower end of the trunk so that we can rest the bottom of the saw on the trunk and slice branches with a pivoting motion.

These are just some of the safety precautions we take. Have a big tree in your yard? Want it removed? Then call the experts at G & R Tree Service today!

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