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Staten Island Firewood For Sale From G&R Tree Service

When it comes to Staten Island firewood, it is more common than you may think that many homes on SI & Brooklyn actually use firewood to partially or wholly heat their homes in the winter.

While some homes use built-in or baseboard heating, many in the more rustic areas of Staten Island opt for the natural warmth of a nice fireplace. Indoor or outdoor. There are certain rules you will want to follow in order to have the most optimal batch of firewood.

The first tip is to find naturally dead or singular pieces of kindling or firewood. What you don’t want to do is start damaging trees by cutting off live limbs or bark. Outside of the damage to the tree itself, live branches contain nutrients and water content that make them hard to burn and use as firewood or firewood starter. Though some trees, such as birch & maple are actually rich with nutrients and can help the surrounding areas retain growth, even when cutting down for firewood or aesthetic purposes.

When scavenging for firewood, always remember to split your wood into even pieces. This not only allows for easier transportation but will aid in keeping the wood dry for longer. by exposing the surface area of the wood cells. Caution must also be taken when prepping and cutting down dead trees with a manual saw or chainsaw. Always wear protective gear and have a friend or spotter with you at all times.

While you could certainly use these tips and start cutting firewood yourself, why not give us at G & R Tree Service a call? We offer 24/7 consultation and service. Let us assess your property, aid in cutting down the right trees, and help you prepare your home & property for the coming winter. If you have lived on Staten Island for more than a few years, you know just how cold the winters can get. Let us help you be prepared.

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13 More Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Trees

Trees spotted on 25 Tudor City PL.

Trees are the backbone of society, as without them, none of us would be here. Trees have been around for millions of years, and yet we still learn new and exciting things about them now. Many people don’t know much about these giants that surround us in our day to day lives.

Here are some facts about our greatest natural resource:

The extreme biodiversity found in these tropical climates are due largely in part that the animal and plants in these areas have greater access to more consistent water and energy sources.



Trees are able to improve our air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing it as oxygen, which we use to breathe. Young trees can absorb carbon dioxide at a rate of 13 pounds per year.



This was concluded from a study done in Athens, Georgia. This study had examined how the sales price of houses would go up in the presence of trees.



Trees and nice shrubs are viewed as more desirable then just having regular old grass. This makes the value of property go up!



Trees save this money through their use in cleaning the air, providing shade, and protecting dirt from being eroded by decreasing the rate of erosion.


This short lifespan is due to the air quality in cities, as the tree absorbs most of the toxins when it is cleaning the air.



It’s true! This is another reason as to why tree are desirable when purchasing a house. They are able to maintain temperatures well!



“The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago, the second best time is now.” This is really shown when you realize how much money you would be able to save simply by having trees on your property.



Trees take a while to mature and become the giants we know, so having a mature tree shows that a large amount of time has been invested into it, therefore making the prices range for this much.



Another reason as to why forest are so important to the Earth! Individual trees already make a decent impact on the carbon dioxide in the air but a whole forest full of them is really beneficial to



These street trees are so valuable because of the fact that they are the main fighting force against roadside emissions. It’s not as high as other trees because of the short lifespan that these roadside trees experience.


Another great example of how beneficial trees are to us and the environment. By acting as shade and as a windbreak, trees save us hundreds in energy costs.



The trees in NYC do this by reducing the amount of fine particulate air pollution. These fine particulates cause a slew of negative health effects, such as premature mortality and altered cardiac functions.


These are all great examples of the importance of trees as well as the benefits of having trees. Trees provide us both a health gain as well as an economic gain. What more can we ask from them?



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Top 12 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Trees

Trees viewed on 79th Street.

You are in contact with trees every single day, but how much do you really know about them? Trees are responsible for providing us with oxygen, which is the very backbone of all life. Without trees there’s a good chance humanity wouldn’t be around. It’s only fair that we get to know them a little better.

Here are some crazy facts about trees that will surprise you:

Its true! Most of these forests span the very east and west of the country with a great number of them being found in our National Parks.


Each tree does this through photosynthesis, where the tree takes in sunlight and carbon dioxide in order to make food for the tree, the oxygen it makes is just a byproduct!


Many of these different species of trees are localized in countries near the equator. Each of these trees also vary in the way they look as well.


Trees add an extra aesthetic and recreational benefit to these retail establishments which promote better reviews from reviewers.


Trees are a vital part of the water purification system, as they filter the water through their roots and then pass the clean water into streams and rivers.


This holiday was created by the United Nations on November 28th, in 2012. Usually on this day many different nations organize tree planting campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of trees and forests.


This study took place over the span of 30 years and investigated the benefits of maintaining 95,000 trees in the Chicago area.


This kind of pollution reduction is extremely significant when it is considered that much of the carbon emissions that hard the Earth come from cars and other road vehicles.


The many different species in NYC all have different purposes, with one of the most important being the London planetree which is the most efficient at pollution scrubbing.


This kind of reduction is extremely beneficial when it comes to the grand scheme of all carbon emissions, as less power usage means less fossil fuel burning!


These trees can all be found on the NYC Parks Tree Map!


Studies conducted at the University of Rochester found that nature had an invigorating effect on people, making them more prone to describing themselves as feeling “more alive.” Being around nature generates a calming effect in us.




These facts go to show just how important and amazing trees are, and just how much they impact our lives. Trees are vital to the Earth, and as we are all living on the Earth, its our job to make sure the trees are granted every advantage possible.


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G&R Is Proud To Offer Our Tree Removal and Tree Care Services In Brooklyn

G & R Tree Service proudly services all of Staten Island. But did you know that we are also able to provide our wide range of services to Brooklyn as well?

It’s true! Simply give us a call at 718-815-7897 to schedule your service appointment. Now that you know they can come to Brooklyn, you probably want to know what they can do for you. Well, G & R Tree Service can do more than you might expect.

G & R Tree Service offers tree removal, as well as a variety of Tree Care services such as deadwood removal, tree pruning, shaping and thinning, canopy elevating, bush shaping, branch trimming, stump grinding, and more. Why take matters into your own hands when you can let the experts at G & R Tree Service help you?

While tree removal & tree care are some of our most popular work, G & R Tree Service can also provide services such as shrub pruning, storm cleanup of tree and yard debris, pre-storm assessment and prep, & they even offer 24/7 tree removal services for emergency situations such as downed trees on top of cars or through your house.

But our services don’t end there. They offer general property maintenance such as land clearing & snow removal, full & half cord firewood sales, and woodchip sales. Also, you can get a free estimate on all of our services when you call us. Say goodbye to places that show up and surprise you with high costs after the fact.

So whether you need that old tree in your yard removed & the stump ground down or you are looking to stock up on woodchips and have your garage painted, G & R Tree Service has the experience and expertise to handle any sized job.

For Tree Trimming, Tree Cutting, or Tree Removal Booking in Brooklyn, call 718-815-7897 for a Free estimate!

How Does Putting Mulch Around A Tree Help It’s Grown and Health?

There are many ways to increase the health of trees that you plant around your property. Depending on the type of tree you are planting, there are a wide variety of upkeep methods and tips. But one pretty universal tip, regardless of the type of tree you are planting, is to place mulch around the tree. Why?

Mulch Prevents Plant Growth

One of the biggest problems that will arise when planting a tree is the growth of other plants and weeds around the tree. This is bad due to the excess plants taking up needed water and nutrients that should be going to your tree. By putting mulch around your tree, you are ensuring that there is, in essence, a buffer between your tree and its “feeding zone” & the rest of your yard. Another added benefit is that having clean treescapes without excess weeds or outgrowth helps increase your property value for the future.

Mulch Acts As A Buffer

While we just touched on mulch acting as a buffer of sorts from excess plant and weed growth, it also acts as a buffer for hot and cold weather by insulating the area around the tree. Especially with trees that are only a few years old, it is important to keep the area around the roots regulated and at a neutral temperature as you can so that your tree can grow strong without the adverse effects of the elements.

Mulch Maintains Moisture

Mulch helps to keep in and absorb moisture that growing trees desperately need. By placing mulch around your tree, you are creating a bed where water can stay longer and be absorbed by the roots, especially during seasons when natural rains may be harder to come by.

By placing mulch around your tree, you are providing instant benefits to your tree. If you have any questions about tree or yard care, feel free to contact one of our experts at G&R Tree Service today! G&R specializes in Staten Island Tree Care and Staten Island Tree Maintenance amongst other tree-specific services.

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Staten Island Tree Cutting by G&R Tree Service

What is Tree Cutting? Do you offer Tree Cutting on Staten Island?

Put simply, Tree Cutting is the same thing as Tree Removal. Some people also refer to it as “Felling a Tree.” Regardless of what you call it, G&R Tree Service offers Tree Cutting on Staten Island, because removing trees is best left to professionals with experience, the proper equipment, and knowledge of the proper safety precautions.

The proper gear for Tree Cutting includes protective Gear that can prevent potential injuries on the job. Some examples of this gear include kevlar leg coverings, hard-hats, steel-toe boots, eye protection in the form of googles, and special gloves made for working with materials like trees. It also includes equipment like Chainsaws, axes, ladders, rope, and wedges. These are all necessary for actually felling the tree.

What should be considered before Tree Cutting?

Our experts make sure to ask a number of questions and take a variety of factors into consideration before removing a tree on Staten Island. For example, it’s important to note which direction the tree is leaning in. It’s also of note to see whether or not there are dead branches, broken branches, or possibly both. Speaking of branches, it’s important to see if there are other trees around whose branches would be affected by taking down this tree. Finally, is there enough room for the tree we’re removing to be safely put down on the ground.

Staten Island Tree Cutting Expertise

G&R specializes in tree removal, tree care, and tree cutting on Staten Island. With over 20 years of experience working on the island, our owner Glen and his team understand the specific species of trees that grow on Staten Island. If you’re looking for Staten Island Tree Cutting, give us a call for a free estimate to remove, prune, or care for the trees on your property.

Contact G&R Tree Service today at 718-815-7897 to schedule your service appointment.

How To Memorialize A Dead or Dying Tree


Whether you have been caring for that big tree in your yard since it was just a sapling or had grown attached to a full-grown tree that had lived a lifetime already, it can be hard to figure out a good way to memorialize a tree once it finally dies. Here are a few good ideas for what to do to memorialize a tree once it dies.

– Re-purposing. Once a tree is gone, it does not mean that its usefulness is over. You can use a tree’s dead branches and leaves as in-home decorations. Coat them in resin and make long-lasting decorations. Even smooth out a tree stump to make a beautiful coffee or end table.

– Carvings. A great way to remember & memorialize a fallen tree is to strip a large piece of it down and carve a remembrance or name into it. Just like with smaller decorations, you can spray or coat the wood in resin or certain types of chemicals in order to preserve the wood

– Planting a new tree. One of the easiest ways to memorialize an old tree is to plant a new one. Maybe the old tree had some real beauty & color to it that you want to recapture? Maybe you want to keep your yard looking full? No matter the reason, just make sure to not plant your tree in the exact same spot. You don’t want the same nutrient-depleted soil taking down your new tree as well.

– Mulch. A perfect way to re-purpose your dead tree is by converting it into woodchips & mulch for your existing trees & plants. Getting to watch your new plants bloom and grow above a bed of beautiful woodchips is a great, decorative way to add both a fresh look to your yard & pay tribute to a fallen tree.

Of course, if you need help moving, getting rid of, or mulching a fallen or dead tree in your yard, simply give us a call today.

Contact G&R Tree Service today at 718-815-7897 to schedule your service appointment.

What To Do After A Tree Is Removed

Often times people like to think about the process of getting rid of or cutting down a tree as an absolute. But there can be a few situations left behind to think about and take care of after av tree has been removed. Here’s what you should do if you have a tree removed on Staten Island.

First and foremost, there is the matter of leaving behind a tree stump. Some home owners don’t mind having a tree stump left over and actually attempt to plant smaller trees and plants around it in an effort to re-purpose that area. But what you can’t forget is that the stump is now dead and will slowly start to decompose. This will lead to unsightly fungi and plants sprouting from it. But even beyond that, it opens the door for bugs like ants and termites to take root and nest, causing more serious long term problems on your property.

The best course of action after a tree has been removed is to hire someone to grind the stump down flat. This will leave the surface area essentially filled with sawdust and the spot no longer ideal for regrowing another tree. G&R Tree Service specializes in stump removal and land clearing on Staten Island. But if you have regrowth on your mind, all is not lost. It’s just a matter of being smart.

If you are looking to regrow a tree in the same area as the previous one, make sure to keep your expectations in check. There is often no way to fully get rid of existing roots from most larger trees. That, combined with the levels of sawdust in the ground now, will simply not be conductive to heavy growth. But, with the addition of new soil and a few smaller trees or plants, you could do a fine job of re-purposing and covering up that original spot.

But no matter what you choose to do, you should consult with the Staten Island tree removal and tree care experts at G & R Tree Service today by giving us a call at 718-815-7897

Saftey Precautions G&R Takes When We Remove A Large Tree

When looking to safely cut down a big tree on your Staten Island property, there are a few factors that G&R Tree Service keeps in mind to allow for a safe and hassle free experience.

Safety First

First and foremost, we want to be prepared by wearing the right safety equipment. The right gear is absolutely essential in being prepared to take down a tree of any size. Workers need a logging helmet to protect their head, face screens and earmuffs to protect our eyes and ears, and kevlar chaps to protect against the dire situation of a chainsaw falling on and clipping a leg.

Make Note Of Distance.

Once we’ve are well protected, it is time to estimate the felling zone by grabbing the ax handle at arm’s length, backing away from the tree until the top of the ax is even with the top of the tree. Walk back a few steps further to provide some extra room and then mark how far away the felling zone should be.

Clear Away A Cutting Zone.

Make sure to clear away any brush along the two sides of the tree against the felling zone. That way we have multiple easy escape routes for when the tree falls, including having planned for it to possible fall in the wrong direction.

Have A Lookout.

Always make sure, when working on any tree, we make sure to bring a lookout with us to keep an eye out for falling branches and tree tippage. By doing this, you’re allowing the worker to get a tap on the shoulder when branches or the tree start to fall, then turn off their chainsaw and immediately walk away.

Take Care Of Smaller Branches First.

Once your tree has fallen, we make sure to take care of cutting off smaller branches first, so that it is much easier to tackle cutting the base of the tree later on. When we start cutting, we focus on branches at the lower end of the trunk so that we can rest the bottom of the saw on the trunk and slice branches with a pivoting motion.

These are just some of the safety precautions we take. Have a big tree in your yard? Want it removed? Then call the experts at G & R Tree Service today!

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What Soil Is Right For My New Plants & Trees

Photo of a Garden Gate

When dealing with planting trees and gardening, there are three types of base soils to consider: Sand, Clay, and Silt. Each have their own pros and cons & some commercial soils even have some combination of the three in them. Here are some good examples of these common planting soils and what they are best used for.

Loam Soil. This is the main type of soil that contains all three items. With its high pH level and calcium, it is highly desirable as a type of soil that easily retains water and also breaks apart enough to allow that water to spread to all of the plant’s roots, while being firm enough to keep everything in place.

Silt Soil. The types of plants that thrive in silt soil tend to thrive in damp, wet soils. Silt soil tends to get waterlogged rather quickly, so the types of plants that are optimal for silt soil are various milkweed & Iris plants.

Sandy Soil. The thing with sandy soil is that it does not hold nutrients well due to the particle sizes being so large. The types of plants that thrive in sandy soil are well adapted to being tolerant of drought conditions; such as wormwood, butterfly weed, and blanket flowers.

Clay Soil. This type of soil tends to be rather heavy and does not drain well, nor gets waterlogged due to the thickness of it when compacted. Clay soil is the most similar to Loam soil, but without the benefits of having mixed soil types. It is perfect for plants like goldenrods and black eyed susans.

Now that you have a good primer on which common soil types might be right for you, go out there and experiment with different types. If you need any help renovating your yard or gearing up to plant a new garden or tree on your property, don’t forget to call the Staten Island Tree Care experts at G & R Tree Service at 718-815-7897.