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Why To Trim Your Trees In Early Spring

Staten Island Tree Pruning Tips From G&R

Trimming your trees is one of many ways that arborists keep them healthy long-term. It also sets trees up for robust growth through the season.

We recommend getting your tree trimming out of the way in the early spring. Not only is it practical to trim before spring blooms emerge, but it’s also less expensive. Because it’s easier for arborists to access branches that need to be cut. Having a bare tree canopy makes branches easier to both see and to handle.

Precision Pruning

Because tree limbs are bare in the early spring, arborists are able to determine which limbs are going to bud and which diseased or dying. Removing diseased or dying limbs will save you money in the long term.

Cost Efficiency

For the same reason, when tree limbs are exposed and easily accessed, we’re able to charge less for our services. It’s easier on us, so it’s easier on your wallet.

Storm Readiness

By checking the branches without the weight of the foliage, experts can determine which limbs are suited to handle the winds and rains associated with summer storms. It’s better to take care of this early than end up with a tree branch through the windshield of your new car.

Improved Healing

The springtime is the best time of the year for your trees to heal, so it’s best to do your pruning ahead of the season so mother nature can do it’s work during Spring.


If you’ve got shrubs that need trimming, we covered that in our last blog. Read about why Spring is also the best time to trim your shrubs, here.

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