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13 More Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Trees

Trees spotted on 25 Tudor City PL.

Trees are the backbone of society, as without them, none of us would be here. Trees have been around for millions of years, and yet we still learn new and exciting things about them now. Many people don’t know much about these giants that surround us in our day to day lives.

Here are some facts about our greatest natural resource:

The extreme biodiversity found in these tropical climates are due largely in part that the animal and plants in these areas have greater access to more consistent water and energy sources.



Trees are able to improve our air quality by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing it as oxygen, which we use to breathe. Young trees can absorb carbon dioxide at a rate of 13 pounds per year.



This was concluded from a study done in Athens, Georgia. This study had examined how the sales price of houses would go up in the presence of trees.



Trees and nice shrubs are viewed as more desirable then just having regular old grass. This makes the value of property go up!



Trees save this money through their use in cleaning the air, providing shade, and protecting dirt from being eroded by decreasing the rate of erosion.


This short lifespan is due to the air quality in cities, as the tree absorbs most of the toxins when it is cleaning the air.



It’s true! This is another reason as to why tree are desirable when purchasing a house. They are able to maintain temperatures well!



“The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago, the second best time is now.” This is really shown when you realize how much money you would be able to save simply by having trees on your property.



Trees take a while to mature and become the giants we know, so having a mature tree shows that a large amount of time has been invested into it, therefore making the prices range for this much.



Another reason as to why forest are so important to the Earth! Individual trees already make a decent impact on the carbon dioxide in the air but a whole forest full of them is really beneficial to



These street trees are so valuable because of the fact that they are the main fighting force against roadside emissions. It’s not as high as other trees because of the short lifespan that these roadside trees experience.


Another great example of how beneficial trees are to us and the environment. By acting as shade and as a windbreak, trees save us hundreds in energy costs.



The trees in NYC do this by reducing the amount of fine particulate air pollution. These fine particulates cause a slew of negative health effects, such as premature mortality and altered cardiac functions.


These are all great examples of the importance of trees as well as the benefits of having trees. Trees provide us both a health gain as well as an economic gain. What more can we ask from them?



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Top 12 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Trees

Trees viewed on 79th Street.

You are in contact with trees every single day, but how much do you really know about them? Trees are responsible for providing us with oxygen, which is the very backbone of all life. Without trees there’s a good chance humanity wouldn’t be around. It’s only fair that we get to know them a little better.

Here are some crazy facts about trees that will surprise you:

Its true! Most of these forests span the very east and west of the country with a great number of them being found in our National Parks.


Each tree does this through photosynthesis, where the tree takes in sunlight and carbon dioxide in order to make food for the tree, the oxygen it makes is just a byproduct!


Many of these different species of trees are localized in countries near the equator. Each of these trees also vary in the way they look as well.


Trees add an extra aesthetic and recreational benefit to these retail establishments which promote better reviews from reviewers.


Trees are a vital part of the water purification system, as they filter the water through their roots and then pass the clean water into streams and rivers.


This holiday was created by the United Nations on November 28th, in 2012. Usually on this day many different nations organize tree planting campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of trees and forests.


This study took place over the span of 30 years and investigated the benefits of maintaining 95,000 trees in the Chicago area.


This kind of pollution reduction is extremely significant when it is considered that much of the carbon emissions that hard the Earth come from cars and other road vehicles.


The many different species in NYC all have different purposes, with one of the most important being the London planetree which is the most efficient at pollution scrubbing.


This kind of reduction is extremely beneficial when it comes to the grand scheme of all carbon emissions, as less power usage means less fossil fuel burning!


These trees can all be found on the NYC Parks Tree Map!


Studies conducted at the University of Rochester found that nature had an invigorating effect on people, making them more prone to describing themselves as feeling “more alive.” Being around nature generates a calming effect in us.




These facts go to show just how important and amazing trees are, and just how much they impact our lives. Trees are vital to the Earth, and as we are all living on the Earth, its our job to make sure the trees are granted every advantage possible.


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