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Winter Tree Precautions


Winter is approaching fast Staten Island, and you know what that means, those snowy, icy storms are on their way. Which means it’s time to protect your home and community from fallen trees.

Snow Snow Go Away

Storms are dangerous, but become more dangerous when an old or damaged tree is involved and extremely dangerous when snow and ice are factored in the mix. When trees have become brittle and weak they are more likely to crash down. This would be okay if we lived in the woods where no people, houses, pets, cars or electrical wires are involved. Here in Staten Island we need to be aware of the dangerous harm that trees can do to our community this winter.
With heavy winds, trees can be knocked over, weak branches can break off, causing harm to houses, cars, electrical wires and people! In the winter weather, you need to be aware of snow landing on branches and ice hanging from them, which both add a heavy weight that can eventually cause them to snap. Throughout the winter season the chance of trees crashing down or branches snapping off increases.

What To Look For

No one wants a power outage, to lose heat in the middle of a cold advisory or look out the window and see their precious BMW stuck under the bark of an Oak tree. These hazardous situations can be avoided if we are aware what to look for and actively look out for dangerous trees in our neighborhoods. Be aware of the old weak trees especially pines and oak, which tend to cause the most harm in winter weather. Look out for hanging branches, fungus bearing bark, and trees that you have seen move in the wind. If you have any of these types of trees in your backyard, you should have them inspected and get those hanging branches cut to provide safety for all before the winter storms arrive.
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