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Staten Island Tree Cutting by G&R Tree Service

What is Tree Cutting? Do you offer Tree Cutting on Staten Island?

Put simply, Tree Cutting is the same thing as Tree Removal. Some people also refer to it as “Felling a Tree.” Regardless of what you call it, G&R Tree Service offers Tree Cutting on Staten Island, because removing trees is best left to professionals with experience, the proper equipment, and knowledge of the proper safety precautions.

The proper gear for Tree Cutting includes protective Gear that can prevent potential injuries on the job. Some examples of this gear include kevlar leg coverings, hard-hats, steel-toe boots, eye protection in the form of googles, and special gloves made for working with materials like trees. It also includes equipment like Chainsaws, axes, ladders, rope, and wedges. These are all necessary for actually felling the tree.

What should be considered before Tree Cutting?

Our experts make sure to ask a number of questions and take a variety of factors into consideration before removing a tree on Staten Island. For example, it’s important to note which direction the tree is leaning in. It’s also of note to see whether or not there are dead branches, broken branches, or possibly both. Speaking of branches, it’s important to see if there are other trees around whose branches would be affected by taking down this tree. Finally, is there enough room for the tree we’re removing to be safely put down on the ground.

Staten Island Tree Cutting Expertise

G&R specializes in tree removal, tree care, and tree cutting on Staten Island. With over 20 years of experience working on the island, our owner Glen and his team understand the specific species of trees that grow on Staten Island. If you’re looking for Staten Island Tree Cutting, give us a call for a free estimate to remove, prune, or care for the trees on your property.

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The Importance Of Winterizing Your Trees And Shrubs

Staten Island Tree Winterization

So you’ve spent time building up and maintaining your garden all year. You have lines of shrubs in pots along your property and you have beautiful fruit trees living in your backyard. Obviously, you want to keep your green life going strong and that is why it’s very important to winterize your trees and shrubbery. Below, is a list of reasons why it is essential that you make the proper winter preparations for both your plants and your trees.

Leaving Potted Shrubs Outside More Than Likely Means You’ll Have To Get New Shrubs Next Season

But what if you don’t want to go out and get brand new shrubs? You’ve spent so much time working on and caring for these, you aren’t ready for them to die off just yet. As the seasons change over from summer to fall to winter, the temperature is going to drop and unlike plants or shrubs that live in the ground, ones that are potted have such little soil surrounding the roots that they won’t be insulated enough and will more than likely freeze to death.

You can combat this by simply bringing your potted plants or shrubs inside your house to care for while the outside terrain begins to freeze.

If You Don’t Protect Your Trees Before Winter Starts, They Might Not Be There When It Ends

Bringing your shrubs inside is all well and easy but the solution isn’t that simple for trees. You can’t bring your trees inside, and why would you want to? As the temperature takes a steep decline, the winds become more and more harsh. The freezing temperature combined with the harsh winds can cause the bark of a tree to split and leave it exposed to various pests and decaying diseases.

You could bring down the risk of losing your trees by wrapping the trunk with vinyl or paper tree wrap. Wrapping the trunk will also protect your trees from any animals that might be scavenging for food during the winter.

Tying Up Your Tree Branches Can Prevent Breakages

Wrapping up the trunk of your tree is a great way to ensure that your tree stays alive during the winter but what about the thinner or smaller branches of your tree? You don’t want the snow to thaw only to find a graveyard of broken tree branches waiting for you. Harsh winter winds can cause naked branches to whip and jump around, which can cause breakage.

Wait for the leaves to fall off of your tree then take some rope, string, or twine and loosely tie those branches together.

If you’re in need of Tree or Shrubbery Winterization, or any Tree Services on Staten island, please give us a call: 718-815-7897

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What To Look For In A Staten Island Tree Removal Specialist

Staten Island Tree Trimming | G & R Tree Service

What You Should Be Looking For In A Staten Island Tree Removal Company

Is it your first time looking for a tree removal expert? Would you just like a little more information? Below, is an outline of exactly what you should be looking for when hiring a Staten Island Tree Removal company:

Make Sure You’re Hiring an Arborist

If you’re hiring a doctor, you want to make sure to find someone who specializes in the area of expertise at hand. The same goes for finding a company to care for your Trees and Shrubs. In our field, that would be an “arborist.” An arborist is a professional that possesses the expertise and technical competence that gives them the ability to care for trees, shrubs, and other similar plants efficiently. These experts are called upon when it’s necessary to evaluate the condition of vegetation, and then provide service in the best interest of the plants. If you’re in the NYC area, G&R Tree Service employs arborists who are experts in Staten Island Tree Removal and Tree Cutting. You can reach us at 718-815-7897

Is The Owner Present at Every Job?

Many companies send out employees who don’t have the experience and expertise as the owner of their company. At G&R Tree service, we believe that the owner of your Staten Island Tree Removal company needs to be at every job. This way, if an opinion is needed, a situation needs to be resolved on the spot, or a consultation needs to be done, home and business owners have their years of experience at hand in a moment’s notice. G&R is proud to let you know that our owner is present at every job. If you’d like to speak to him, please call 718-815-7897

Is Your Staten Island Tree Service Fast and Reliable?

When there’s an emergency, after a large storm for example, damage can be caused to limbs or entire trees where the tree needs to be removed completely. It’s imperative in many cases that this happens as soon as possible. You need a Tree Removal Company that can provide the correct equipment, arrive promptly, and do the job correctly the first time to avoid further damage. Tree removal and cutting is dangerous work, and customers should look for a company they can trust. Have more questions? Give us a call: 718-815-7897

Are They From Staten Island?

In order to provide the best service, a professional should be familiar with the area that they’re serving. This allows them to arrive quickly, because they understand the best route to all jobs. Being from a specific area also gives an arborist an intimate knowledge of the plant life in that area. G&R Tree Removal is owned and operated by Staten Islanders, so our we specialize in Tree Removal on Staten Island.

If you’re in need of Tree Removal on Staten Island, Tree Cutting on Staten Island, or any Tree Services on Staten Island, please give us a call: 718-815-7897

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