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Fireplace Wood and Wood for your Wood-Burning Stove For Sale on Staten Island

Many older homes on Staten Island include a fireplace for wood burning and heat. Even newer houses often contain a fireplace to provide a little old-fashioned, natural touch. The only problem is that few people actually have the time or means to seek out and cut their own firewood.

That is where G&R Tree Service comes in. We’ve got you covered when it comes to firewood during the Fall & Winter months. We offer delivery of firewood by the cord to Staten Island residents. Each cord is 300-350 pieces and perfect for various uses around your home during those cold months.

As previously mentioned, many Staten Island homes have built in fireplaces, but let them linger without use in the winter months. Don’t be left out in the cold. Take full advantage of your fireplace and stock up on firewood today. Give your family the gift of a beautiful night around the fireplace, warmed by the natural heat of beautiful, burning firewood.

You don’t even have to wait for the winter months, as many homes are now taking advantage of their backyards and creating private fire pits. Stock up on firewood and always be able to have some on-hand for when you want to warm up and take in the view of the clear night sky or are simply looking to roast some s’mores over a burning fire on a Spring or Summer evening.

Your usage of firewood doesn’t even have to stop when the fire is out, you can use the ash as a mix in fertilizer, use it to polish metals, or even use it to block odors from your pets.

Call G&R Tree Service today for pricing and get started with your first cord of firewood for indoor or outdoor usage today or simply save it up for the Winter or Summer.

Contact G&R Tree Service today at 718-815-7897 to place an order for Fireplace Wood or Wood for your Wood-Burning Stove on Staten Island Today

Firewood For Sale on Staten Island

Staten Island Firewood Sales | G & R Tree Service

Staten Island Firewood For Sale From G&R Tree Service

When it comes to Staten Island firewood, it is more common than you may think that many homes on SI & Brooklyn actually use firewood to partially or wholly heat their homes in the winter.

While some homes use built-in or baseboard heating, many in the more rustic areas of Staten Island opt for the natural warmth of a nice fireplace. Indoor or outdoor. There are certain rules you will want to follow in order to have the most optimal batch of firewood.

The first tip is to find naturally dead or singular pieces of kindling or firewood. What you don’t want to do is start damaging trees by cutting off live limbs or bark. Outside of the damage to the tree itself, live branches contain nutrients and water content that make them hard to burn and use as firewood or firewood starter. Though some trees, such as birch & maple are actually rich with nutrients and can help the surrounding areas retain growth, even when cutting down for firewood or aesthetic purposes.

When scavenging for firewood, always remember to split your wood into even pieces. This not only allows for easier transportation but will aid in keeping the wood dry for longer. by exposing the surface area of the wood cells. Caution must also be taken when prepping and cutting down dead trees with a manual saw or chainsaw. Always wear protective gear and have a friend or spotter with you at all times.

While you could certainly use these tips and start cutting firewood yourself, why not give us at G & R Tree Service a call? We offer 24/7 consultation and service. Let us assess your property, aid in cutting down the right trees, and help you prepare your home & property for the coming winter. If you have lived on Staten Island for more than a few years, you know just how cold the winters can get. Let us help you be prepared.

Contact G&R Tree Service today at 718-815-7897 to place an order for Firewood on Staten Island.