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What are Dormant Seasons & Dormant Pruning?

Staten Island Tree Pruning From G&R Tree Service

With fall and winter on the way, G&R, your Staten Island Tree Pruning, Care, and Removal service would like to inform you of the many benefits of pruning during the dormant season of your trees, bushes, and shrubs.

First of all, what is a dormant season?

The dormant season of a tree is a period in its life cycle where growth and development are ceased temporarily. This happens in order to minimize metabolic activity, helping the tree to conserve energy. This keeps the plant alive during the harsh winter season. Much like hibernation in animals, trees go dormant to conserve energy.

Though it may not seem to be the case, even evergreen trees such as pines, spruce, and cedars all go dormant. While these varieties don’t lose their leaves, they do develop a waxy coating to help prevent moisture loss, while fluids inside the cells help keep the trees resistant to freezing.

Arborists & experts suggest that you have your trees pruned during this dormant season.

What are the benefits of dormant pruning?

  • Dormant pruning impacts the landscape far less during the winter months. The process is less intrusive to the tree or shrub.
  • When trees are dormant, your tree removal expert has a better view of potential diseases, and can better determine what needs to be removed. This is because he or she can see ‘the dormant bud.’
  • There are actually certain trees that cannot be pruned outside of the dormant season for disease management reasons.
  • By pruning during the dormant season, an arborist is generally able to see the tree without foliage. Without leaves in the way, experts are able to view the tree without additional weight, showing a clearer picture of how the tree will handle storms with high winds.
  • You might not think about it, but when trees are pruned, there are wounds that need to heal. Springtime is the best time to heal, making winter the best time to prune.

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